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It's Not what you do for a living.

It's what you are living to do.

From Passion to Profit

HustleMinded Enterprises was Founded in January of 2016 by Hip Hop Artist and Entrepreneur Michelangelo Lovelace Jr. a.k.a Michelangelo of Hip Hop. As an aspiring entertainer with a passion for music, Michelangelo spent decades working low paying jobs and hustling any way he could to finance his music career. Feeling trapped and exhausted from giving everything he had to make his employers dreams come true, He realized the only way he could realize his own dreams was to go into business for himself.

Unfortunately, there is not a lot of information on how to form legal businesses floating around the streets of the urban communities. Just job applications and odd jobs. So Michelangelo went looking for it. He spent years digging through the internet and through books for information about how to start and run a business. Soon, with the knowledge he gained he was able to not only start his career but also help others who wanted to turn there passions into profits.

After further research and team development, HustleMinded Enterprises has become A premium source of information and resources for creatives, perspective business owners, and established small Entertainment businesses alike.

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