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About Bully Game Fitness

Get to know us

BullyGame Fitness was established in 2021 by Darnell Marshall, an active fitness enthusist.  Being involved in Athletics most of his life, he took the leap and committed himself to fitness by completing a Personal Training and Group fitness certification.  Soon after the journey began, Darnell was ready to share his passion about Fitness through training, classes and fun challenges  that make an impact on his clients.

Our goals at BullyGame Fitness is to provide our customers with the highest quality workout programs in a fun and friendly Atmosphere . At BulyGame fitness we believe that when your in tune Mind,Body and soul you can accomplish all of you fitness goals. We have classes to fit any fitness level onsite and online.Certified trainers willing to help you accomplish all of your personal goals.

Darnell Marshall

Certified Fitness Trainer and Founder

Ever since I could remember I’ve been into athletics. I would jump around doing backflips, handstands, walk on hands up and down the stairs, flipping off garages, and racing just to name a few things. I would listen to “I want Muscles“ by Diana Ross for motivation, then started my push-ups. Moving forward I began to play football which was the first time that I had access to a workout facility. At the time I wasn’t passionate about the workout part.


As my football journey ended in high school, I stopped working out. I started playing a ton of basketball which kept me in shape. But after having my first child and working a 9-5, things got out of control with my eating habits and my weight increased.


I then met a friend at work. This guy brought his own workout equipment into our warehouse and set up a gym in the back corner. Believe it or Not, that is where I learned how to workout.


Fast forward 20 years, I look and feel better than ever. In April 2021, I committed myself to fitness by completing my personal training & Group fitness certification and began training others.  I found that I have a passion for transforming clients with fun creative workouts plans.


I believe that the less it feels like a strenuous workout and more like fun. Clients tend to work harder and get faster results. I am the proof of my new lifestyle. Diet and exercise is now my life, Let Bully Game help you become the best version of yourself.


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